3T & Associates, Inc. has been supplying solar wafers worldwide for over 25 years.
Our Source of Materials comes from Japan, Asia, Europe and the USA.
At 3T, our sorting facility is set up to sort solar wafers to your specific requirements.
Capabilities include: Wafer Sorting, Ingot Slabbing, Wafer Slicing, Phosphorus Diffusion, Lamination, Solar Cell manufacturing along with other types of processing.


3T has a variety of solar grade ingots. Please let us know the Diameter, Type, Orientation, Resistivity, and Surface you require.


Coinroll wafers: Our Solar Grade Coinroll Wafers are purchased directly from major Silicon Manufactures; such as SEH, Komatsu, Sumco, MEMC, Wacker, Taisil, Tocera and LG.


Purfied poly crystalline silicon is melted and grown into round crystalline ingots. The round ingots are shaped to produce square ingots for slicing.
Our Single Crystalline Wafers also come from the most reputable Solar and Semiconductor Manufactures Worldwide.


Our Multi-Crystal wafers come from the most reputable Solar Ingot Manufactures Worldwide. We have both P and N type wafers available.


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