"Super Thin Wafers"
Diameters: 25mm - 300mm
Types: N (Arsenic, Antimony, Phosphorus)
P (Boron)
Orientation: <1-0-0> or <1-1-1>
(for specific requirements, contact 3T)
Resistivity: High (>1ohm - cm) and Low Resistivity (0.001 to 0.9 ohm-cm)
Thickness: SEMI-standard for all diameters
(for specific requirements, contact 3T)
Grade: Prime, Test, Reclaim, Coinroll and Solar
Finish: As-cut, Lapped, Etched, Single Side Polished, Double Side Polished, Ultra Thin, Thin Films, Back Grinding, Epitaxial, MEMS Application

We Maintain a Large Inventory of Cassette and Shrink Packed Wafers from Major Silicon Producers. 25mm to 300mm



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