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The SodaBlaster is the blast generator that propels the blasting media to the surface requiring depainting, rust removal, paint etching, or other surface preparation.
SodaClean, the blasting media, is specially formulated sodium bicarbonate that actually strips, etches, and removes rust from the surface. It can be rinsed away after application.
Pre SodaBlast Treatment (PST) is used in applications where the removal of hard difficult paint, such as catalyzed polyurethane, is desired. It is also used to significantly decrease the time required to remove conventional paints.

Pre Soda Blast treatment is applied to the painted surface with conventional HVLP Spray Gun. It is a patented spray on semi-paste formula that reverses the "Hardness characteristics" of very tough coatings which allows for optimum speed in complete paint removal applications.

SodaBlasting is where the surface is etched. Rust is removed or the paint is stripped. The sodablaster machine by virtue of compressed air propels the sodaclean on the surface (painted thin body metal, glass, aluminum fiberglass etc.) Gentle removing the paint without harming the substrate. This operation can be done wet or dry. A special wet head device allows water to mix with the media at the blasting nozzle head which greatly suppresses the dust that occures during the operation.

The simple rinse operation will completely dissolve the sodaclean. There is noting left but the paint particles removed from rust for at least several days do to the rust inhibitive qualities of sodaclean. After the sodaclean is throughly rinsed and the surface is allowed to dry it is now ready for repair if necessary and repainting.



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