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4-Point Probe Head Features / Specification

Cartridge type
(Napson Original type)

Cylindrical type
(Jandel Original type)

Miniature type

Cartridge with 6-way connector socket type

Napson 4-point resistivity / sheet resistance systems are using high performance probe heads which are made by Jandel Engineering Limited of England.

Jandel probe heads perform high precise measurement of resistivity and sheet resistance for silicon wafers, epitaxial layers, diffusion layers, ITO layers, metal layers and more, so that Jandel probes have a good evaluation for many years.

  • Load (needle pressure) is always suitable since using V type spring
  • Probe spacing accuracy and probe stability is excellent since anodized aluminum alloy upper and lower guides are jeweled
  • Less damage of probe needle tips
    - Solid tungsten carbide needles for superior durability

The probe type is chosen under the material of measuring sample, the surface state, the form etc.


Sample surface Probe head
(Material / Redius)
/ Needle
Silicon Ingots / Block TC-40u 200g
Silicon Slice TC-40u 200g
Epitaxial Layers TC-150u 100g
Epitaxial Layers
(Thin film)
TC-150u, 500u 50g
Shallow Diffused-layers
(Thin film)
OS-200u, 500u 50g
Diffused Layers OS-200u
Ion Implantation TC-150u 50g, 100g
Metal (Thin film), ITO TC-150u, 500u 25g, 50g
  • The other types are available
  • If you would like to have a special spec, contact us.

TC-40u-200g / 1.00mm
- Needle Material: TC (Tungsten carbide) (TC or OS: Osmiun alloy)
- Radius: 40um (25um to 500um)
- Loads (g / needle): 200g (10g to 250g)
- Spacing: 1.00mm (0.5mm to 1.59mm)
- Arrangement: Linear (standard) (Square is available)


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